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Emergency Tree

Storms, lighting, and high winds are just some of the natural forces that can affect the health of your tree. If any of these strikes your tree, it may immediately call for emergency tree removal. We are ready for this type of situations. We have the right equipment to help us finish the job in a fraction of time so you can return to your normal life. 

Steps for Emergency Success

Many homeowners don’t think about tree service until they need it. You need professional tree service in emergency cases because it may put you in danger if you don’t. When a storm hits, your trees can be the primary victim, that is why you need to have them inspected right away so they can get the right treatment they need. A storm-damaged tree is a dangerous tree, not just to your property but to your family. 

We will carefully assess your tree and make sure to take it down safely. If your tree can still be saved, we will remove the damaged parts to help the tree recover. We have a well-trained crew who has more than enough years of experience in emergency tree service to help you with your concern. 

We will take the time to explain to you our plan and give you a time-frame when you can expect us to finish the job. We will look into important details such as nearby structures and power lines to ensure safety. Once we are done, you will be surprised to see a clean and safe backyard.

Clean Up and Repairs

Our job doesn’t end with eliminating the affected tree. As part of our professional tree service, we will closely monitor any possible issues that may arise after the emergency tree removal. We will make every effort needed to clean up the debris and bring back the beauty in your yard. We can also recommend repairs if we see the need for it.

Contact Us for Emergency Tree Services

Steelee Tree Service Pittsburgh is your dependable partner for all your emergency tree service needs. We own the right tools and equipment to complete any emergency tree service, no matter the situation and time of the day. Our team understands the urgency of every emergency tree service; that is why we always respond promptly to your calls. Get in touch with us, and we will provide you with fast and free emergency tree service.

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