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3 Rivers Tree Service LogoWhile tree care and maintenance do not appear first on your to-do list this season, it is the absolute priority at 3 Rivers Tree Service. We are a locally-managed and owned tree care and removal company based in Pittsburgh, PA offering a wide range of tree service solutions for all your tree care concerns. We are always up for the job. Whether it is standard trimming needs or more complex emergency tree removal requirements, we can handle it!

If you choose to hire us to remove a tree from your yard, we will gladly take care of the unsightly stumps for a minimal cost. If what you need is a professional trimming service, our certified arborists can make sure your tree gets the best treatment they can receive. Rest assured that your yard would be safe and free from unsightly features once we are done with our task. 

Let 3 Rivers Tree Service demonstrate what excellence and professionalism are. With our skills and cutting-edge techniques, and equipment, we can make all the difference in your tree’s health and appearance.  We strive to be the tree service Pittsburgh property owners call when they need professional, affordable tree care. 

Our Services

Tree Removal: Tree removal is imperative for a variety of reasons. In most situations, it is a question of when instead of why. It is vital to know when the tree is a potential threat to your family and property to come up with the best-informed decision about its future. Whether your tree is dead, diseased, or storm-damaged, you can count on our competent team to handle the situation with ease. We will eliminate the tree after careful consideration and ensure your safety throughout the process.

Tree Trimming: Trees are living things that need care and nourishment. If they do not get the proper attention they need, they can grow undernourished or have unruly growth patterns. Some tree contractors will take advantage of the situation and remove the tree without trying to save it. At 3 Rivers Tree Service, we will do everything in our power to help the tree recover using effective trimming techniques. As part of our extensive trimming service, we will eliminate dead and diseased branches to stimulate healthy growth and a beautiful appearance.

Stump Grinding: After removing a tree, you will need to attend to its remaining stump. Besides being an eyesore, stumps can become home to many pests and insects and limit your lawn care activities. Our skilled team can eradicate the sight of the stump in no time using our state-of-the-art stump grinders. It is the go-to service of most Pittsburgh, PA residents because it is less damaging to the surrounding area and is more cost-effective than complete removal. Call us if you have a stump in your yard, and we will get rid of it in no time for a budget-friendly cost.

    Storm Damage Cleanup: Intense storms often leave a mark when they leave. Often, trees are at the receiving end of a storm’s rage. If not addressed right away, damaged trees may present issues that can affect properties and take lives. Storm-damaged trees usually have compromised structures which can lead to accidents and property destruction. Some trees even fall onto the roofs and garages if not attended immediately after the storm. For this reason, we make sure to deliver a fast and efficient emergency tree removal service following a storm. We are available to offer our storm-damage cleanup round the clock for all your emergency tree removal needs. 

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